Cold Storage Manufacturers

Cold Storage Manufacturers

HRS infrastructure is only one name in the context of cold storage development for completing different type of industry requirement. From the inception time to till date, we get specialization for completing the premium cold storage developments. Our loyal employee holds the specialization for built in cold storage. It basic building ranging from wood, steel to concrete blocks. Our company holds the full specialization for the fabrication of cold storage components e.g. frame, wall, floors and insulation. The current employee of our cold storage has developed the customized solutions as per the customer’s need within demanded time.

What specification would be used by cold storage manufacturers?

Temperature Requirements: The quintessential temperature varies from -40 degree to +20 degree.

Voltage Requirements: 220v, 380 v, 420 v and 440 v

  • Chiller room
  • Modular cold room
  • Ante room
  • Cold room panel
  • Cold storage panel
  • Puf cold storage
  • Pre cooling chamber
  • Cold storage insulated panel
  • Prefabricated cold rooms
  • Blast freezer
  • Cold storage
  • Chiller Rooms
  • Refrigerated Rooms
  • Cold storage rooms
  • Vegetable cold storage
  • Blue star cold rooms
  • Cold storage construction
  • Walk in cold rooms
  • Ca Chamber

It is up to you which part of cold storage you want to take into consideration. This is the best options that you can contact Cold storage rooms and chamber manufacturers to put the customized effects. We provide service in such a way that suits for the storage of products.

Why It's Best?


The structure used in all pre-engineering projects is well planned to capture output.


The hierarchy of each project is unique to meet customer’s demand at cost-effective rate.

On Time Delivery

We ensure customers’ satisfaction by fabricating all pre-engineering projects within a defined time.

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